Cathy sent this clipping from "The Kent Messenger" in to MadPriest Towers. The Grand Tufti is trying to promote himself as a champion of the environment at the moment but it is obvious that he is going to be a failure at that as well.

Cathy also sent this notice displayed at Flitwick Railway Station. Both of these clangers have been printed previously in "Private Eye" (a sort of political Of Course, I Could Be Wrong...).



  1. Ironically rail replacement buses very probably do cause incontinence, brought on by extreme rage at the UK’s shoddy public transport system

  2. Thanks, MP, for that rather backhanded compliment, which I will however graciously accept.

    Dah-veed – I’d actually love to try taking the bus in Mexico. At least your buses probably a) turn up and b) go somewhere afterwards and I’ll bet c) the ride is exciting. Or am I wrong?

  3. Public transportation in Mexico is actually privately owned. Different companies with different equipment with their own assigned routes, but no time schedule.

    When we moved to Monterrey in JAN 2001 to open our consulting firm the buses looked like this, or even this. But these were always breaking down and when one broke down on a railroad track with a train coming the driver ran away, but many passengers were injured and some killed.

    So the state Secretary of Transport ruled all buses like these must be replaced. Many companies were slow to replace their fleets, so then the SoT ruled that when ride fairs go up every JAN, only the new buses would get fair hikes. Now we have buses that are like this and this.

    Terrifying is the word, not exciting.