Good to see the Catholics are getting their priorities right in
Haiti. I don't know, it's enough to make you want to swing a
live chicken round and round your head.



  1. My understanding is that the Archbishop has been a stalwart defender of the poor and stood against dictatorial government actions.

  2. the Archbishop has been a stalwart defender of the poor

    Then let him be buried with the poor in one of those coffins made out of old pallets all the dead poor are being buried in.

  3. Yes, apparently Archbishop Miot was a very good man, I can’t imagine that he the question of a privelged resting place would have been his priority. Some Catholics are better at prioritizing when it comes to Haiti:


  4. Well, I wasn’t ever criticising the bishop. That would have been a bit silly as he is dead.

    I was getting at the church for making a bigger thing of his funeral than all the others and also getting at the people for making a big thing of some celibate churchman’s funeral when they can’t bury their own children properly and with decorum.

    Oh, and remember, I also denounce priestly initiation services as being pharisaical, including my own. So I am being consistent.

  5. Apparently many are being dumped in mass graves with no attempt to identify them.

    Yes, I can see getting rid of bodies for their bad smell, but the idea it is for sanitation is a lie. The dead are not breeding grounds for disease unless they already had serious communicable diseases. Diseases do not appear spontaneously.