From SCG:

One of my earliest mentors and friend has breast cancer in both breasts and will be going in for surgery next Friday.

Please go to Susan's blog, WAKE UP AND LIVE, for more details. her friend is aware that many in the internet commuity are praying for her and is "feeling the love."


Go and read "The stone which the builders rejected..." at our good friend, Alcibiades' blog, CALIBAN'S DREAM. Then pray for all those who have had their lives and ministries ruined by The Family Firm. And also pray for Alcibiades and his involvement in the setting up of a support group for these people.


Paul has posted a new prayer list at BYZIGENOUS BUDDHAPALIAN.


Recently we were asked to pray for the wife of our friend, ARKANSAS HILLBILLY, who was suffering from a bout of depression. Thanks be to God that she seems to have ridden the storm:

"... she's doing much better, thank you. Sleep, sunshine and medicine combined to pull her out of it. "


Do feel free to add your own prayer requests in the comments to this post or email them to me at MadPriest Towers.


THE PRAYER LIST — 5 Comments

  1. My nephew, Andrew, has been rehospitalized for suicidal comments (he’s attempted suicide before). He is bipolar, among other problems, and I grieve to see this bright young man seemingly lost to apathy and hopelessness despite meds and other treatment. My sister Leslie is struggling with how to cope. I would appreciate your prayers for them both.