An historic Episcopal church regarded as the “mother church” of Anglicanism in South Carolina will play host to an anti-LGBT conference for orthodox Anglicans this week. The “Mere Anglicanism” event will be held at St. Philip’s Church, Jan. 21-23, and will feature several high profile and anti-gay theologians from across the U.S. It’s theme this year is “Human Identity, Gender, and Sexuality: Speculation or Revelation?”

Diocese of South Carolina Bishop Mark Lawrence has endorsed the event in a letter on the diocese’s website.

“As you know the institution of Marriage and questions of Identity, Gender and Human Sexuality have become intensely debated and divisive issues not only within the Church (and far beyond merely The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion), but within the larger culture as well,” he wrote. “For this reason I hope many of us within the Diocese of South Carolina will take advantage of the upcoming Mere Anglicanism Conference held in Charleston on January 21-23, 2010. I have attended this conference for the past three years and have been surprised by how few clergy and lay persons from within the diocese participate or avail themselves of this annual opportunity to hear some of the major shapers of Anglicanism in our day.

Bishop Mark Crostfingers' full letter

can be read at FOOTNOTES.


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  1. Well, if they offer the cure at this conference, I see from your cartoon that it hasn’t affected Bishop Lawrence’s stance in the least!

  2. …as well as such well known practioners as The Rev. Mario Bergner, The Rev’d Dr. and Mrs. John Yates; and the retired Bishop of Rochester , ecclesiastical statesman and theologian, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali.

    What’s a “practioner”?

    I’m sure that there will be much to hear that is loathsome at the conference.

  3. An historic Episcopal church…

    Argh! It’s not bad enough they’re anti-LGBT bigots, they must murder proper word usage, too? It’s “A historic Episcopal church” (or was/will be again! ;-/). <*> The “h” in “historic” is NOT silent, so you DON’T use “An”! I HATE this error! >:-0

    <*> Long “A”, as in “Pay attention, dumb*sses!”

  4. For some insight into the thinking of the Mere Anglicanism lead-off medical authority, Paul R. McHugh, an extreme Roman Catholic conservative, see Hopkins psychiatry has long had a curiously mixed response to homosexuality, and the survival of McHugh in this sorry history does the University and the Medical School—and the Diocese of South Carolina—little credit. I speak as a PhD of the Homewood Campus ’61.

  5. My dear, Troll, the reason you were not invited is bleeding obvious. Your heroic commitment to inerrancy (I, for one, have never known you to be wrong about anything) would show them up to be the wishy washy, revisionist, bleeding heart liberals that they truly are. Also, you know what Bishop Mark is like when he’s in your presence. He goes all giggly and girlie and spends all the time drawing hearts on the cover of his notebook. He could hardly lead such a high profile conference in such a state. So, perhaps your absence is for the best.

  6. What’s a “practioner”?

    A “practioner” is someone who thinks they praction the Christian faith but doesn’t really know how.

  7. I find this scary. Bp. Lawrence is head of one of the 7 dioceses, including my own, that will be conducting a “joint endeavor” this spring.

  8. Lawrence is also the bishop who was not confirmed on his first round of bishops’ approvals when he was selected, and had to go through a second vote, exclaiming all the while he would be faithful tothe Episcopal Church. He since has been in the forefront of the ACNA/conservative movement to leave TEC, and appears to have found a loophole: simply withdraw from the national church functions and refuse the diocesan asking to the church, thus in effect being able to run an independent conservative diocese as he wishes without formally or legally leaving TEC. I’m afraid our beloved Jimmy in Dallas plans to follow suit, since there is nothing TEC can do until the next General Convention in 2012. Sigh…

  9. One of the participants in this event is “Archbishop Robert Duncan,” who left TEC. I’m concerned about the direction the 7 aforementioned dioceses are taking.

  10. JCF, point well taken.

    Of course, you are allowed to say “an historic” if you happen to be cockney scum, or maybe if your mother was. Otherwise, no.

    And need I point out that possessive forms of pronouns never use apostrophes?

    Maybe it’s something in the water in South Carolina.

  11. Of course, you are allowed to say “an historic” if you happen to be cockney scum

    No you are not. It would be “a ‘istoric.” Correct grammar overrides incorrect pronunciation.

  12. But tell me, MP: do you or Missus MP have an herb garden? ;-/

    [Whereas Herb Alpert is still alive, so he better NOT be buried in your garden! Though I accept that Herbie the Love Bug, converted to a greenhouse, might make a good herb garden. Composted ‘phobes (on-topic) might make good fertilizer for the herbs.]