There is something very wrong about this record. And I'm
not just on about the rather worrying photo on the sleeve.

200 days off purgatory for getting all the way through it.



  1. No Way! I bailed. His singing reminded me of a cow, so he’s got the wrong animal.

    Also what’s happening with my browser, MP? I’m getting bits of writing down the side of the pictures in the post below. What do I need to do? If you can’t help me, I’ll have to ask Mimi.

  2. Ya know, not many white guys can do quarter tones. What? That’s a pitch problem? Never mind!

    Actually, I plan cheap multi-track recorders and Garage Band. Many years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was making my attempt at Pop Stardom, we had to pay large amounts of money to recording studios to put out product, and we had to fight with radio stations and distributors to get the product out. Nowadays any tone-deaf wanker with a casio keyboard and and a midi device can put out some recording and Mad Priest will feature it on his blog.

    Waddayagonna do?

    Also, I listened to the entire thing while typing this, so I demand 400 days for multi-tasking.

  3. I also know the bass line. AND all the words en español.

    Also, I meant “I blame cheap multi-track recorders. . .” not “I plan“. stupid fingers!!

  4. I like the horse. It looks rather sweet. Not sure it should have been put through the no doubt perturbing experience of having to pose for a photo with that bloke

  5. I actually lasted 30 seconds, for which I have received an additional 30 days in purgatory. Well, 29 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds. I do get 30 seconds credit for what I managed to listen to.