I have received an urgent prayer request from Bluebird, a long time member of our community here at OCICBW...

Dear Jonathan,

I've mostly been lurking lately as depression and physical illness have gotten to me, but my family really needs prayers bigtime. Here in Farmersville, Texas we're having the worst freeze in years, with temperatures in the single digits F. Thursday night I left the water on, but not enough. The pipes froze, with no water coming out since then. Please pray that there is little or no damage. Living mostly on my husband's disability we can't begin to pay for much work and I just don't know what we'll do if the pipes burst. Right now I just want to die for my stupidity. Oh, and today is my birthday.

Please pray for Bluebird, her family and her community, and also all those who are struggling with the cold weather in the northern hemisphere and those down under who are again threatened by bush fires and drought.

From Alison:
Please pray for my brother, Elliott, who was seriously injured in a car crash on Thursday. He broke both his legs, one arm, cracked his sternum and one vertebra. He is scheduled for two surgeries this week, and is facing a long road to recovery. We are thankful that there were no head or internal injuries, but at age 66 the damage is bad enough.

My brother is a retired Methodist minister, and had recently taken on an interim job at a congregation which was almost at war within itself. My family feels that if God really didn't want my brother in that position, there might have been a more subtle way to extricate him.

As it is the weekend, please place any of your own prayer requests in the thread to this post.


THE PRAYER LIST — 14 Comments

  1. Prayers for you and your family, Bluebird. And for all who suffer from the unusually cold weather here in the South. And for those at risk from brushfires down under.

  2. Prayers for all.

    It was -3°C (27°F) here this morning. TBTG that we have not had rain for 2 days. We are still entertaining the entire floor slumber party as we have about 5 neighborhood families and additional friends escaping the cold in cinderblock houses with no heat camped out in our office and Alexa’s, Pedro’s and my apartment.

    I am sure that what burns in a bush fire is brush! (Yes, I got your naughty joke.)

    Is the comic Mrs. MP or have you let your hair grow?

  3. Prayers ascending for Bluebird’s and Alison’s intentions…

    Also, the lovable young Lab I spoke of on the previous prayer thread did not make it. :-(..

    Enjoy your Golden Tail, Gibbs. May your surviving pack be warmed by your memory.

  4. I talked to my husband, who was a plumber’s helper before he became disabled. He now thinks it’s likely no worse than a popped g-coupling on the pipes. Thank God and thank you all! But please keep up the prayers.

  5. Ha. I look just like that woman in the cartoon except the cat holding me down is black – not white. 🙂

    It’s COLD here!

    Yes, prayers for all. Earnest prayers.

    And please pray for my brother, Sam, who just lost his job last week. Seems the boss’s son needed a job and was given Sam’s. I really think that ought to be illegal but, sadly, it’s not. Sam is 55. Heck of an age to be looking for work in this economy.

  6. Prayers ascending for Bluebird, Allison, JCF and Gibbs, and Sam. Prayers also for all who are in danger from the cold or fire.


  7. A prayer of thanksgiving is requested for my youngest brother who has come out from the other end of his manic crisis and is now in the process of putting his life back together.

  8. Yes, MP. And he says he likes the new one regimen because he is not experiencing any nasty side effect. His recovery is still new and fragile, but he’s been sounding good over the last few days, back to his usual self.