From Susan:

Mad One -- Please ask for prayers for Ginnie, my Deacon, and for her husband, Don, who may well be finally dying of lymphoma after they BOTH have fought it for many years. Please, God -- let them not be afraid.


Posted by Mardé at SEEV'S PLACE (yesterday):

OK, today is the day Dr. Cassidy removes the cataract from my right eye. We’ll be heading down to Portland to the Eyecare Medical Group around Noon.

Then, later that day...

Yup, I’ve got one good eye now, the left one. Here it is 5:25pm and my right eye is blurry as hell. But that’s to be expected I’m told. I’ll be seeing Dr. Cassidy again in the morning (9:30am) for his further inspection and instructions for the future.

The whole procedure today was fairly painless. The only pesty thing was the inserting of the needle for the I-V in my hand. But whatever medication he gave me was definitely appreciated by me. I was quite relaxed during the whole time that Dr. Cassidy was operating, about ten minutes I guess.


Posted by The Cajun at ON TRANSMIGRATION:

I got some good news at the restaurant yesterday. They're really doing their best to help me out. Tomorrow I begin working 5 lunch shifts weekly - with two weekdays off - for the first quarter of the year. That's fine with me. I can get more errands run on weekdays than on weekends when everyone else is trying to do the same. Working Saturday and Sunday will be another challenge and hopefully will boost my skills at running the front of the house more smoothly.

The not-so-good news is that this new schedule offers only about 30 hours a week (each shift is around 6 hours), not enough to pay the rent. So I've got to figure out something else to make the extra cash for things like, oh you know, food, bills, fuel for the car, laundry and such. I can't run a deficit for more than a month or two.

It's hard to believe the twists and turns, ups and downs my life has gone through in the last 4 years. I used to view my life as more of a Ferris Wheel or Carousel ride - steady going, predictable, familiar - but these past years have been more of a Roller Coaster ride. Unpredictable, scary, sometimes thrilling, other times upsetting.

Well, something will turn up and as long as my health holds up, I'll get through this phase, too. Eventually.

And so it goes.

The Cajun lives in Delaware.


Posted by Mark Brunson at

Please pray for us in the South.

This arctic blast we're getting has not really given us record-setting lows, but it has been sustained for a much longer period than we're prepared to deal with. This probably doesn't occur to folks living much farther north, but it is a concern for us. Our houses (and our bodies) aren't built for sustained freezing, but for brief periods of real cold, followed by a much longer period above freezing! As a result, those with central heat are heating themselves into penury and those of us without are struggling to maintain a survivable temperature.

Worst of all are those - and they still exist - who are prepared neither physically nor financially, and have no home or no heat or both. The homeless outreach shelters will be overflowing, no doubt.

Please pray.



I ask your prayers for Steve who is suddenly unemployed. It is a shock, always. So we pray for him and all who are looking for work, and they are legion. This includes our friends David and JimB and Ralph.

I also ask your prayers for someone special going through a rough patch.


THE PRAYER LIST — 5 Comments

  1. It is so nice to see this feature back. Prayers for all mentioned here.

    Also, my ex-daddy-in-law Jack (in his 90s) is going in for some serious surgery for cancer of the mouth on Tuesday, 12 January – one more in a series of such surgeries over the decades. For some time he has been living with wounds around his mouth that do not heal. We are all anxious over this and prayers are appreciated.

  2. Prior Aelred has experienced more deaths in the family (an aunt, so close after losing his father), and among his friends. Please keep him in your prayers.

  3. Update on my FIL Jack: surgery postponed after second opinion with more details and nuance. None of the choices are optimal. Keep the prayers coming.

    Also, once again, I ask prayers for Mark (Марко Фризия).

  4. Via a comment at That Kaeton Woman’s blog, I came upon this story of Gibbs, a sick puppy (a puppy whose humans seem like they would fit right in among us lot).

    Prayers for Gibbs and his pack.