The practice by some ultra-Orthodox Jews of spitting at priests, nuns and other Christian clergy has been denounced in a statement by the Israeli Embassy to the Holy See. The Jerusalem Post recently quoted Rabbi David Rosen, a veteran of Catholic-Jewish dialogue, who said such incidents of spitting are "a part of life" in Jerusalem and have been occurring for the last 20 years. However, they appear to be limited to Jerusalem.

Israeli authorities have taken these reports so seriously that the Foreign Ministry convened a meeting with municipal officials in Jerusalem and representatives of the ultra-Orthodox Haredi Community. A press release issued by the Israeli Embassy to the Holy See in Rome contained a letter denouncing the harassment of Christian clergy from the Beth Din Tzedek, the tribunal of the Orthodox Jewish Community, which is the highest in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox community.

"We hereby call upon anyone who has the power to end these shameful incidents through persuasion, to take action as soon as possible to remove these hazards, so that our community may live in peace," the release states.




  1. They may spit now….. But what are they going to do when the Muslim and Arab population in Israel outnumbers the Jews? That is going to happen and fairly soon, which is one of the reasons many in Israel have called for a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian territorial disputes, so Israel can be predominately Jewish and Palestine Muslim. When the Muslims are the majority in Israel, what is to prevent them from voting Israel out of existence? It will not be pretty.

  2. What is not widely known is that the situation you talk about, Strangelove, is already the case and has been for years. It’s only the apartheid voting system in Israel that stops the Arab population (including many Christians) from having a powerful voice in the Israeli parliament.

  3. While I find spitting very unpleasant and foreign to my culture, these Jewish folk would argue that these clergy are spitting on them by their very presence in their land.

    Of course it is all in “The Bible” and plenty of places in the Old Testamnet would justify and encourage this behaviour if not a lot worse.

    The Bible is not, thankfully, the Word of God as many would have it. Jesus is the Word of God. And according to John, as if to ram home his point, the Word existed long before scripture and the Word will still exist long after scripture is redundant.

    Lesson? Follow Jesus not the Bible.

  4. The jewish people want a wholly jewish state with no other religions or people in it. From the very beginning of the state of Isreal the government of Isreal has been practicing the ethnic cleansing needed to accompish this with the backing monetarily and politically of the US. Actions like this from the jewish people do not surprise me. They are historically killers who are taught that anyone who is not Jewish as something that deserves less respect than their own dog. One day the world will wake up and realize what they have been doing and they will have to face the music for what they are doing.