It beggars belief, but somebody, actually, threw this little bundle of fluff away, the day after Christmas. Fortunately, the little bundle of fluff was thrown over the fence into our friend, Jan's back yard. Which is about the best place in the world an abandoned pup could find itself. Read all about her on the YEARNING FOR GOD blog HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.



  1. MP, thanks for letting the world know of our blessing, Maisie! We are so lucky to have her, though I am glad that young puppies like to sleep a lot.

  2. It is really sad when people drop pets off instead of taking them to the appropriate animal shelters. We have been on the receiving end of a number of pet drop offs because we live out in the country and just up the road there is a spot where there are no houses in sight and it seems like pets get dropped off there quite often.

    I have some friends who are in need of a good home for two of their dogs. One is a beagle and the other is a dachshund so if anyone wants to know more information and lives somewhere in the Midwestern United States send me an email on the account that is found on my profile.

  3. Just pop the Dachshund in the post to KJ. He’s totally soppy about them and there’s no way he wouldn’t keep it if it landed on his doormat.